How to lose weight permanently – part 10

Having healthy body weight is not only attractive, it’s very beneficial to your health. It’s a great goal to set for yourself. It’s a goal incredibly worth pursuing. It’s hard and it’s challenging. But at the end of the day, the hard and challenging things we do are those that have the biggest impact and […]

How to lose weight permanently – part 9

Losing weight permanently is a challenging goal to achieve. It’s the same as quitting smoking or drinking. It’s hard. That’s why, you need every little possible help you can get to get there. Many achievement gurus will tell you to write your goals on the paper. Write them with big letters : I will loose […]

How to lose weight permanently – part 8

Strategies for better eating Diet is crucially important to your success in losing weight permanently. And however complicated it might seem to really eat well, it’s quite simple. You can say it in one simple sentence: To lose weight permanently, stay away from processed foods loaded with flour and sugar, eat plenty of vegetables and […]

How to lose weight permanently – part 7

Getting your workout done without failure Getting your exercise done for the day without failure is not only habit supporting your goal of losing weight permanently, but it is incredibly beneficial for your overall health. As the common saying you probably already heard goes: if you could pack the health benefits of regular exercise into […]

How to lose weight permanently – part 6

If you want to lose weight permanently, paying attention to your daily habits is very important. So lets talk more about our daily habits and how to successfully improve them over time, so they support your weight lose and you succeed. You know, that this is the time you are going to make it. You […]

How to lose weight permanently – part 5

I am by nature very positive person. I usually talk and enjoy talking and writing about good positive stuff that elevates mood. But if I can scare you just a little bit to take positive action it’s worth it. So I decided, that I will. There is a lot of scary stuff about being overweight. […]

How to lose weight permanently – part 4

To lose weight permanently, you need to change your bad habits and develop good, supportive habits. The best way to change a habit is to change it slowly over time. That means breaking the big bad habit into small bad habits. And after that braking each small habit in 30 day periods. For example: Let’s […]