The best way to get unstuck

We want to know all the answers before we start. Otherwise we don’t. We stay in our comfort zone. To start, we need to see the end. And the vision of the end is usually hard to see. So we get stuck. If you want to improve, reach your goal, and get unstuck, the best […]

November rain and my thoughts about change

November rain is a name of a song the rock band Guns n’ Roses released sometime in early nineties. I am sure you heard of it. I don’t remember exactly the year. But, what I remember is that I was finishing elementary school and starting my high school when November rain was winning the musical […]

80% of success is showing up

80% of success is showing up

Are you showing up for your work out? Statistics show that when you already show up for your work out, you are 80% more likely to finish your work out. This is huge! And what that means is to make it death easy to make your preparation for a workout fast, short and simple. In […]

Reaching your true potential and what’s really possible

What's possible

Here are 3 of my favorite quotes about what’s really possible and about reaching your true potential. You might be surprised, what could be the reason that you are stuck. Maybe you are happily and purposefully stuck. And there is nothing wrong with that. But you are still stuck. You are hovering in your comfort […]

Obsession with security and your health


People get obsessed by security. They avoid dangerous situations. They accumulate lots of money and always feel like they don’t have enough to be secure to the future. We get afraid in this world a lot even do there is almost no real genuine reason for¬†us do do so. So we hide, secure our homes, […]

Conquer your fears and win


Recent surfing competition on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach started with sighting of a big, scary shark. Dusty, a pro surfer exited the waters of Ocean Beach in first round heat of competition, after noticing something big and moving in the water and never came back. “I was sitting out there and saw something in line […]

Self motivation


Self motivation is and always will be the most important form of motivation. If I told you, that you either have it or you don’t and there is nothing you can do about it, I would be the negative,¬†unsupportive guy. But, if you don’t care what I say, you probably have it. You probably are […]