Healthy tasty snacks

Healthy tasty snacks will keep you energized, strong, mentally alert and happy throughout your day. There is nothing better for your body, when it’s in need of some energy, than healthy tasty snack. You should always have them handy and ready. Healthy tasty snacks are natural unprocessed foods, rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, healthy fats and some naturally occurring carbohydrate.

Healthy tasty snacks and performance

If your nature of work is like mine, that requires you to be in high mental and physical energy state all the time, you can’t survive without healthy tasty snacks. They are crucial for your performance.

For example, when I have 5 personal training sessions in one day and go surfing for 3 hours before I have them, it becomes critically important what snacks I carry in my bag and than eat. My body is burning energy at an incredible fast rate and I have to snack often between sessions.

Now, let’s say, I have a little bag of chips and a candy bar, like snickers bar after my second session to fuel my energy levels. And maybe I have a sip of sprite with it. This is a very common practice at work places. People go to a vending machine and get snacks for themselves there if they are hungry or bored.

Now, after I had my snickerschipsprite snack I start my 3rd personal training session. I feel great. But 30 minutes into the workout with a client, I am starting to feel tired, sleepy and very hungry. At this moment, I am thinking that I would rather be home lying on my sofa, instead of enjoying a fun training session, that I usually enjoy so much.

Finishing my day packed with training sessions suddenly feels like an incredible chore. I am yawning, hurting and tired. I have all kinds of negative thoughts. I feel terrible. And I can tell, that even my client that is training with me can see, that there is something wrong with me. At this point, it’s hard to fake it. My body is over drugged by sugar and empty processed calories snack.

I just made a terrible snack decision and for next few hours I am going to pay for it. And my client will probably call a different trainer next time. Who wants to train with walking zombie? Yes, that’s what bad snacks, loaded with sugar and empty calories will do to you. You become a zombie for next few hours.

Now, let’s say, I have a healthy tasty snack like apple with peanut butter and some water with it after my second session.

Into my 3rd, 4th and 5th session I feel as good as I felt in the beginning. Sessions seem fun and enjoyable. I have a lot of energy. I am able to encourage my client to push herself harder and she seems to be very happy too.

I consider this as nothing special anymore, because I feel like this all the time. I feel great, energized, I am never sleepy or tired.

Healthy tasty snacks will make your day go better

I made lots of mistakes with eating junk food before, but these days I don’t let them to ruin my day. I got pretty good over time, at what I put into my mouth.
And I want you to do the same. If you want to feel great all the time, watch very carefully what you snack on.

Your snacks can really make or brake your day. Bad but very tasty snacks can really ruin it. And healthy tasty snacks can make your day an amazing experience, when all your senses, brain and muscles work at their best. So make sure, you choose the healthy tasty snacks.

Healthy tasty snacks

Apple and peanut butter (my favorite)

Any fresh fruit with some peanut butter

Washed can of beans with first cold pressed olive oil and some fruit with it

Fresh fruit and nuts – almonds, cashews, walnuts and others

Plain white whole yogurt with fresh berries

Can of sardines and almonds – maybe not that tasty for you, but when you get used to it, you will not be able to survive without this one (my personal experience)

Cottage cheese and some peaches

Sunflower seeds and fresh figs

Hard boiled egg with avocado and some greens with it

Almond butter and some fresh fruit

Cup of buttered milk

2 slices of turkey bacon and piece of fruit

Raw tofu with olive oil and spices + apple

Banana, peanut butter, ground flax seeds and milk mixed together (no sugar added, but very tasty snack)

Washed frozen peas mixed with fresh kale, first cold pressed olive oil and lots of black pepper – top it of with hard boiled egg

The key in finding that perfect healthy tasty snack is in that snack to have some protein, healthy fat and natural unprocessed carbohydrate with it. The above healthy tasty snack choices are a perfect example of such foods.

As you can see, I am big fan of peanut butter and almond butter. Why? Peanut and almond butter is loaded with protein and fiber. It is low in carbohydrate. The fat it contains is a good fat. It’s high in good energy. The kind of energy, you don’t have to be afraid of. You will not get fat from it.

But, you have to watch what kind of peanut butter you eat. I want you to eat the right peanut butter, which is made from unbleached peanuts, with no salt added.

The wast majority of peanut butter out there is bad for your health. But, it is really worth your time to find the right one.

Healthy tasty snacks always with you

Carry some cans of tuna, sardines, beans, bag of nuts, jars of peanut and almond butter, fresh fruit, even dried ones  in your car all the time.

And don’t get confused by labels, that say energy bars and drinks. For most part all energy sport bars and drinks are just like any other junk food – loaded with sugar, conservatives. They are just another candy bar or sweetened water you want to avoid.They too, will make you feel miserable.

There is nothing better for your body and your energy than plain natural products that didn’t have to be processed, so they would taste better and be sweeter. The once on the list are like that. They are a perfect natural foods with  naturally occurring protein, fat and carbohydrate.

Healthy tasty snacks are your perfect tool to more enjoyable, energized, happier and productive days. So make sure that whenever you feel hungry between your main meals, or you just want to snack on something, you choose healthy tasty snacks.

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