How to prevent and cure type 2 diabetes – part 1


How to prevent type 2 diabetes should be the question, we should all take very seriously. And we should all know the best strategies to prevent it. If you think, that having normal healthy weight and staying active is enough to do this, you are wrong.

I am a very lean and fit guy. I always thought, that by staying lean, maintaining healthy weight and being physically active will keep me protected against type 2 diabetes forever.

Than few years ago, I found out how terribly unhealthy my lifestyle was. It came down mainly to my diet. I would eat anything that tasted good. I was still picky in choices I bought and consumed. I preferred healthy natural products.

Consider these foods: all natural strawberry fat free yoplait yogurt, turkey sandwich with whole wheat toast, cliff energy bars, power bars, whole grain pasta, candy with vitamins in them, whole grain pancakes, organic blueberry jam and honey, whole grain muffin, fat free peach yogurt and many many other “healthy choices.”

I would eat whole wheat sandwiches , drink all natural, vitamins loaded raspberry snapple and 100% fruit juices. My breakfast would start with packaged cereals and organic chocolate in it. After diner I would have fat free ice cream.

I didn’t realize, that this kind of diet, in spite of me being fit and lean is slowly killing me.

Why? Aren’t these stuff supposed to be good for you? They are organic, fat free, whole wheat, natural.

Yes. That’s what they are. And, it is true. The problem is, that they contain huge amount of sugar and processed flour. It doesn’t matter that the sugar is brown or organic. It is still sugar. And what is sugar and flour? I call these things a “sweet death.” Why? Because they literally slowly over time kill people.

Yes, even reasonably intelligent population, that gives a dam about their health thinks that sugar is ok and fat is the enemy. I was one of them. I would avoid the whole cottage cheese and grab fat free chocolate milk instead, thinking that I am doing my body a favor.

Realizing how bad these foods are for me and quitting eating these foods, I consider as one of the best things, if not the best thing I have ever done in my life. I urge you to try it for yourself. The way you feel will change. Your health will dramatically improve. Your mental and physical performance will skyrocket. You will need less sleep and you’ll have more energy. You will sleep much better and deeper. Your skin will look healthier. Your whole life will change. The way you think, perform and live.

Just remember that sugar and processed grains and starches are the enemy. And stay away from them.

I did an extensive research about preventing type 2 diabetes and I will share the most important notes with you soon.

In short, avoiding sugar, starches, flour like your worst enemy and staying physically active is the answer in preventing type 2 diabetes and  living up to your full potential.

Here are my notes from my research about type 2 diabetes. The most interesting book I read, and many notes are from there is Sugar Nation, written by Jeff O’Connell. I strongly recommend it for you to read. I think everybody should read it.

I hope they will help you prevent or fight this scary disease – Type 2 diabetes.

Let’s start:

Sugar has gone from expensive to cheap, from healthy to unhealthy. That’s because most of it’s redeeming value has been processed away.

1 in 3 Americans has type 2 diabetes or it’s preamble, pre diabetes.

1 in 4 diabetics is in the dark about his or her condition.

One of them might be you.

Don’t fear the revelation. It’s what you do next matters the most. But the time to start is now.

You don’t have to be diabetic to benefit from this advice. By following this advice, you will boost your energy, sharpen your focus, and live longer and more healthfully.

By the time someone learns they are pre diabetic, insulin resistance is already in charge, and probably has been for many years.

No one – young or old, thin or overweight, man or woman – should assume they’re safe from this deadly disease.

Chemicals released by sugar consumption trawel the same brain pathways that heroin does.

Blood sugar volatility is a dangerous overlooked risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Sugar gave rise to the slave trade, now sugar has enslaved us.

Type 2 diabetes really boils down to the sum total of a very long trail of personal choices made over lifetime. Whether you went for a run or turned on the television instead. Whether you stuck with your diet or ordered that fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream.

Even if you are skinny, you can still get type 2 diabetes.

With diabetes no outward deformity, no internal alarm bells announce that something is definitely wrong. At first the symptoms don’t even feel like symptoms, they’re so mundane, general and vague. This hurts. That aches. Something feels weird, but what is it exactly?

Diabetes is increasing at alarming rate among men and women of all ages.

Even slight elevations in blood glucose harm the body.

Blood glucose should be at it’s lowest after fasting, so elevation on this test spells trouble. A score of 100 to 125 mg/dl equals pre diabetes. Above that range is diabetes.

On a random glucose test , score of 200mg/dl or higher indicates diabetes.

Blood glucose levels fluctuate in response to nutritional status, activity level, stress, and other factors, even as you sleep.

Everyone knows high blood sugar is bad actor in diabetes or pre diabetes, but another killer is excessive internal insulin production, which can corrode the inside of arteries, feed tumors, and set the stage for rheumatoid arthritis, among a whole host of ills.

Why on earth would you want to be shooting more of insulin into your body if you didn’t absolutely have to?

Pre diabetes and Type 2 diabetes is also setting it’s sight on the young in record numbers. Between 1993 and 2004, hospital stays for diabetes among those 29 and younger increased nearly 40%.

Diabetes, along with obesity, is looming as the biggest epidemic in human history.

Pre diabetics and diabetics who are obese, but who are at least moderately fit, have a much lover death rate that those who are normal weight but unfit.

Physical fitness does a better job than physique shape at predicting who will become a type 2 diabetic.

You can be very skinny and unfit, which puts you in the risk of having pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Fitness gives us a yardstick that’s far, far more important predictor of mortality from diabetes than either body weight or obesity.

Primary care physicians equate being diabetic with being overweight. Which is wrong!

The truth is, we don’t need all those carbs, and they don’t give us all that energy.

There are overweight people who don’t have metabolic problems, and normal weight people who do have these problems. That’s telling us, that weight gain isn’t the underlying cause of diabetes.

Insulin resistance alone is a factor for heart disease. If you don’t have diabetes but are insulin resistant – and much of U.S. population is – you are at increased risk for heart disease. You may also get diabetes, but your heart disease likely will have gotten worse long before that happens.

Your bloodstream is supposed to contain a teaspoon or so of glucose at any given moment. Tissues begin suffering damage when this small amount rises by even 1/4.

The higher the concentrations, the stickier the situation becomes. The linings of arteries and capillaries begin suffering damage. High blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and diabetes likely aren’t far behind.


Stay active. Aim for physical (athletic) performance, not just watching your body weight. Limit carbohydrate consumption to 100g per day or less. Get your blood glucose tested even if you are skinny and fit.

Prevent and cure type 2 diabetes:

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