Setting your priorities straight

Your priorities should look something like this:

1.Your health and your well being 2. Your family, their health and well being 3. Your friends, their health and well being. 3. Your work and career 3. Your entertainment – TV, Internet surfing, Movies etc.

But I almost always see people have it the opposite way. Even if they don’t admit it. They won’t admit that surfing Internet and watching TV is more important for them than their health and their family. But they still put these things in front of them.

We come home from work and first thing we do is turn on the TV and launch the web browser. Than we do the stuff necessary around the house and when the kids are asleep, we sit in front of  TV or surf the Internet for another hour before we go to sleep. Why? I don’t know. Boredom? Distraction? Some Entertainment?

And than we complain that we are out of shape, that we are fat, tired often and our blood pressure is too high.

What if instead of launching a browser or turning on the TV, you went to bed half an hour earlier. You can get up half an hour earlier and do some exercise before you go to work. Go for a 30 minute run outside or do some push ups, pull ups and squats in your living room. No, you don’t need a gym membership. You can do right now right there.

Suddenly your priorities are in right order. Remember, that before you take care of your health and well being by doing some physical exercise, your priorities are out of balance. Yes they are. No, your favorite show on TV or NY Rangers game is not more important. Your health is!  

But it is easy to fix! If you are willing to give up some Internet and TV time, you are well on your way to better balance in your life.

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