Six pack abs day in life – Sunday

I got up at 6:15 AM. I drunk glass of pure water first thing in the morning. Yes, I work on Sundays. Don’t ask me why. I don’t mind. I have a great work. And my days off are mainly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I got to work at 7:00 AM. It was a beautiful warm morning.

I open outdoors club and it is a lot of physical work, doing lots of cover pulling, pushing heavy objects, carrying heavy stuff and so on. I love it and it’s a great job for my six pack abs maintenance.

Six pack abs Sunday morning

I drink a lot of coffee – about 8 cups – I put 70 grams of butter in it and 3 spoons of coconut oil. Lots of caffeine with a lot of fat combination gives me energy immediately.

Fat: 100 grams

Six pack abs Sunday afternoon

1 PM: My first meal – whole yogurt. + 3 spoon of raw almond butter + 1 apple

Protein: 45 grams
Fat: 45 grams
Carbohydrate: 35 grams

I haven’t eaten anything but butter and coconut oil since last nights 7:00PM. That puts me into intermitted fasting state for 18 hours. So far the longest fasting this week. I felt pretty hungry at the end of it. But I also felt very good at the same time. And I could really feel my body reaching for fat stores as energy.

You should too give it a try. Start with 14 hours first. In order to succeed, your diet needs to be great. No sugar, no flour, plenty of good fats and enough protein.

Six pack abs Sunday workout

2:00 PM

3×15 leg press – heavy intensive load – up to 430lb
3×15 hamstring curl – heavy intensive load – up to 170 lb
3×11 vertical squat jumps – max intensity, no load, jumping as high as I can
3X15 pull ups

Six pack abs Sunday evening

4:00PM – strong Irish breakfast tea with no sweeteners (I never use them), 80% dark chocolate – little piece, 3 bites of butter.

Protein: 3grams
Fat: 40 grams
Carbohydrate: 10 grams

5:00 PM – I ate 3/4 of organic tofu that literally swam in olive oil with lots of spices

Protein: 30 grams
Fat: 45 grams
Carbohydrate: 7 grams

6:30 PM – Dinner – Big salad, shredded mozzarella cheese, lots of olive oil.

Protein: 45 grams
Fat: 55 grams
Carbohydrates: 35 grams

10:00 PM I went to bed.

Six pack abs Sunday summary:

Protein: 123 grams
Fat: 285 grams
Carbohydrate: 87 grams
Added sugar consumed: 3 grams – little piece of dark chocolate
Added flour of any kind consumed: 0 grams

I try to consume as little sugar and flour as i can in my day. My standard is to be at 0 grams almost every day.

Six pack abs Sunday workout:

3×15 leg press – heavy intensive load – up to 430lb
3×15 hamstring curl – heavy intensive load – up to 170 lb
3×11 vertical squat jumps – max intensity, no load, jumping as high as I can
3X15 pull ups

My six pack abs guidelines:

Protein – 0.7 grams per pound of body weight per day – I weigh 193 pound = 193 X 0.7 = 135 grams. I had 123 grams of protein. It is pretty close to the number of grams of protein I need. Great!

Carbohydrate – I shoot for no more than 177 grams of carbohydrate per day. This Sunday, I consumed 87 grams. It is substantially lower than my limit. This is great. I like eating less carbs. It makes me feel great and energized throughout the day.

Consuming low amount of carbohydrates per day from great carbohydrate choices is the single most important step to my own six pack abs and huge energy levels throughout the day. Low carbohydrate intake from quality carbohydrate sources – vegetables and fruit.

Calories from fat – I shoot for at least 50% of my daily calories to come from fat. But more is better. Up to 80% of fat calories per day.

1 gram of fat = 9 calories – 285 grams X 9 = 2565 calories

1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories – 87 X 4 = 348 calories

1 gram of protein = 4 calories – 123 X 4 = 492 calories

Total calories for Sunday consumed: 3405. From that 2565 calories from fat = 75% of calories from fat. Thanks to low consumption of carbohydrates, my calorie intake from fat consumed per day is substantial. This is exactly what I want. It helps my six pack abs to stay where it is, I have a lot of energy, I feel great and my memory works like a perfect computer. By, by brain fog!

Six pack abs and my calorie intake

My calorie intake was 3405 calories for Sunday. This is pretty average number for me. I get pretty close to 4000 calories consumed per day almost every day because of high amount of good fats consumed. Average active man in my age needs about 2800 calories per day.

I don’t really care about calories. What I care about is where they are coming from. And majority of my calories come from insulin neutral fat. And so should yours if you want to have six pack abs. Fat is simply not making you fat. Fat helps you get six pack abs.

The message: Eat only vegetables and fruit as carb and eat more good fats – grass fed butter, raw nuts, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, virgin coconut oil.

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