The number 1 reason we get older

Yes, we all get older. The time ticks to all of us the same way. It’s fair. And it’s frightening. We really get older the same way. All of us.

But some of us seem to be getting older at a much slower pace. We don’t really get older the same way. For some of us that time really ticks faster and for others slower. I am not going to write about the reasons why a time ticks faster to scare you. You probably already know these reasons.

The secret of the people who manage to defy the time, to slow it down is that they manage to stop the muscle atrophy – lean muscle loss. We loose muscle as we age. It’s normal. It’s natural. Yet some people stop this process and even reverse it. They gain muscle.

How do you stop muscle loss and even reverse it? By not stopping using it. And you start using it even more.

The only way, you can prevent muscle loss and gain some more of this youth extending organ is to lift heavy things. And if you manage to do this on regular bases, you will become the master of the time. You will start aging much more slowly. The time will be running much slower for you.¬†You become¬†the master of time. Can you become one? Of course you can. It’s available to all of us.

And yet, you see older people spending the most of their time in pools swimming or walking around the neighborhood. These activities are certainly great, but they are not going to build much of time defying muscle.

Time is without question the most valuable commodity in the world. And by lifting weights and preserving and building muscle mass you are staying young, strong and independent. I don’t know about any single better investment in the world. There is none. Will you finally realize it? Stop whining and build some more muscle!


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    hey i am 13 year old boy and i was thinking to do this cus i am liltte fat,i dont whant toefbbbf get 6 pack abs cus i heard that that it isn’t good for my age’s,soo i decited to do this until i have 2 or 4 pack abs.and my question is should i do it till 4 pack or not?

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